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Hurricane Dorian – Preparedness

NC State Officials are working with the National Weather Service to closely monitor Hurricane Dorian. Based on current projections, normal operations are anticipated for this week. Updated information will be provided as necessary. Based on the latest National Weather Service forecast: Wake Co is now in a tropical storm warning... Read More

Faculty Resources for the new school year

Having quick reference emergency information is important as you start the new school year!  You can download, print or email these resources to your students or hang them in your classroom.  If you need more information on a specific topic – email us and we will get it to you! ... Read More
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Hungry? What’s Open on Campus!

On Friday August 2, Oval Dining will be closed due to Steam Repairs on Centennial Campus, but there are plenty of other options waiting for empty stomachs!   Please join us at any of our other Centennial dining locations: STATE CLUB RESTAURANT Park Alumni Center 11a.m. – 2p.m. FOOD TRUCKS... Read More

Move-In Parking Info

Fall Campus Move-In Every August we look forward to welcoming home new and returning students to the Pack.  NC State Transportation provides guidelines to assist parents and students with parking for moving into the residence.  Visit Transportation’s Fall Move In Info page! Read More

Welcome Back Pack!

Kick off time for moving back and settling in!  Check your stash of emergency supplies to bring back to campus! Not sure what to pack – here’s an easy planning checklist: We recommend being ready to move quick with an emergency kit (bag) and have the following supplies readily available... Read More

Stop the Bleed Training Course

Stop the Bleed continues to empower the general public to make a difference in a life-threatening emergency by teaching them the basic techniques of bleeding control. Read about the experience of one medical school offering bleeding control workshops to high school students.  To learn more, visit BleedingControl.org To register for... Read More

Active Shooter Preparedness

Our thoughts remain with UNC Charlotte in light of yesterday’s events.  This unfortunate situation reminds us to be ever vigilant and prepared.  Thank you for being our partners in emergency planning at NC State.  The Emergency Management and Mission Continuity Pack Plans remain a source of information and resources for... Read More

NC State Needs You (Mandatory Personnel)

Time to revise Mandatory Personnel status for your staff and faculty! Human Resources recently announced the revision of the Reg 04.20.17 – Adverse Weather and Emergency Conditions PRR and now – we need your help updating employee roles!  By February 19th, you are asked to revise the status via a... Read More

WOW! It’s Cold Outside!

A first in our generation – the Artic Vortex is pushing really cold into the US – even here!  Is your car ready for the cold? Does Fido have a blanket? Spigot ready? These things take a bit of time and effort to really be ready – GO NOW! Don’t... Read More

Cough, Cold and Flu Season – Protect Yourself!

The weather turns colder, everyone moves activities indoors and congregates together.  You share in fun activities, good food and germs… Cover your cough, sneeze into your elbow, wash your hands, get a flu shot!  How are you protecting yourself and the Pack this year?? The Centers for Disease Control have... Read More