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Winter Weather Preparedness

As we slowly transition into winter and temperatures begin to drop we at EMMC thought we should share some winter weather safety tips. Start Preparing Now! Be ready for weather-related emergencies like power outages. Make sure you have non-perishable food that doesn’t require heating. Charge all necessary electronics. Purchase or... Read More

Protect your Accounts

National Cybersecurity Month is fully underway. Here are a few quick tips to keep yourself safe online: Software Update your software – Software updates can get annoying when they’re pushed daily but they’re often fully of necessary security updates designed to prevent hackers from reaching your data. Staying up-date with... Read More

Light up that Pumpkin – Fire Safety

  This years’ theme is “Look, Listen, Learn.” Here at the EMMC we figured this was the perfect time to share a few themed tips to help stay safe. ┬áCheck your dorm for any potential fire hazards. If you’ve got ceiling decorations look and make sure they don’t block the... Read More