Coronavirus Update 2

Coronavirus Campus Update

NC State Students, Faculty and Staff,

NC State University continues to work closely with the Wake County Health Department and the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services to monitor the spread of 2019 novel coronavirus and support the health and safety of the university and broader community. NC State is also actively monitoring and following all Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and federal guidelines related to this illness. 

At this time, there remain no confirmed cases of novel coronavirus in the state of North Carolina, and exposure risk at NC State is very low.

NC State is fortunate to have Dr. Julie Casani, an expert in the field of infectious disease and in public health preparedness and response, serve as director and medical director for Student Health Services. You can watch a short video of Dr. Casani answering common questions about coronavirus at

Regular campus updates about coronavirus are being posted on the Student Health Services website at The site includes a coronavirus FAQ, information about symptoms and preventative actions, and links to the CDC, the World Health Organization and other helpful information. We encourage all at NC State to remain informed about the novel coronavirus. 

Although it is understandable to feel uncertain or anxious when information is changing rapidly, as a community we need to remember to care for one another and not make assumptions about others’ perceived symptoms or characteristics of identity. Compassion, empathy and respect for each other make a big difference and demonstrate what it means to be part of the Wolfpack.

Finally, we ask everyone at NC State to take measures to take care of yourselves and continue to encourage and support everyone in our Pack.

Thank you.

Warwick Arden, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor

Charles Maimone, Vice Chancellor, Finance and Administration