COVID-19 Forms and FAQs


Spring Operations, Staffing and Testing FAQ (December 2020)- Frequently Asked Questions focused on spring planning and COVID testing for return to work in January 2021.


Available forms for campus requests during COVID-19 planning.

COVID-19 Self Reporting form – Available for faculty, staff disclosure of a positive COVID-19 test result. This information is completely voluntary and confidential – it helps university healthcare professionals monitor the impact to the campus community and provide any resources and support you might need wherever you are.

Face Coverings and Sanitizer Request form – Face coverings are required on campus. Although NC State has significantly reduced its on-campus operations, on-campus personnel continue performing critical university services. For information on proper wear and care of face coverings, visit

Travel Exception Request form – University sponsored travel and events are restricted at this time. Use this form to request an exception.

Special Event Exception Request form – During COVID-19 impacted operations, special events are limited and require review and approval before planning. This review considers the location, the gathering size and support needs. All events must follow the campus community standards and communicate with participants beforehand.

Special Circumstances Review Request Form – Workplace health and safety expectations are outlined in the ‘Return to Work Guide’ issued May 21st. For exception or special circumstances considerations, please complete the above form.