COVID-19 Planning

Working at NC State (updated August 2, 2021)

NC State continues to work with state officials and healthcare professionals to safely and responsibly welcome our faculty, staff, students and visitors back to campus. In all planning, our first priority is the health, safety and well-being of our campus community. This guidance includes strategies to mitigate and reduce campus risk, a plan for the phased resumption of activities and support for continuity of on-campus teaching, learning and research. 

NC State has extensive plans in place for handling communicable diseases of concern, like COVID-19. Our plans call for increased communication among programs, making sure supplies are stocked, extensively surveillance testing and shared in a sustainable manner, providing and expanding on campus vaccination options for students, faculty, staff, alumni and their immediate families and coordinating with local and state authorities. Many of these actions have been ongoing since mid-January 2020 and are continuously updated as new guidance is available. 

Our main focus is to limit the exposure of students, faculty and staff to COVID-19.

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