Hand Sanitizer, Face Coverings and Shields

Hand sanitizer, face coverings and face shields are available for campus. 

Face Covering information

Everyone at NC State is required to wear a face covering that covers the nose and mouth when in campus buildings.

For complete information on proper wearing of and caring for your face coverings – please review this information and video provided by Environmental Health and Safety.  

  • Each college and unit received face coverings. The supply was determined by the number of faculty, staff and students in each college and unit.  Individual requests for face coverings should only for emergency needs.  Replacement stock is available upon request (email covidresources@ncsu.edu).

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is available in 1 gallon containers, with a pump dispenser.   The item may be dispensed into smaller containers or as an independent sanitation station.  The product is >80% ethanol and liquid (not gel or foam) and is not suitable for all wall mounted or stanchion based, touch-less dispensers.   Hand sanitizer is one element of good hand hygiene, but does not replace proper hand washing.

To Request Hand Sanitizer
To request hand sanitizer, email covidresources@ncsu.edu

Face shields

The use of the face shield is intended as additional protection to a face covering for this purpose, not an alternative to a face covering.  A face shield does not provide the same level of community protection as a face covering.

In addition, for lab use where a face shield is necessary for protecting face against chemical or biological splash, UV radiation, or impact, an ANSI Z87.1 approved and labeled reusable face shield would be needed. Face shields shall be worn over the top of eye protection. See: https://safety.honeywell.com/en-us/news-and-events/blog/ten-features-to-examine-when-selecting-face-shields

To Request Face Shields
To request face shields and emergency replacement face coverings, email covidresources@ncsu.edu for more information.