MyPack Portal Supervisor information related to COVID

Select employees and students were identified for required weekly surveillance testing, based on their work roles and responsibilities. Identified individuals will receive weekly communications of testing, be tracked for compliance in MyPack Portal and subject to disciplinary action for non-compliance. 

Compliance Expectations

COVID-19 testing is a requirement of the campus community standards.  Designated employees are scheduled to complete surveillance testing on specific days.  Overdue email notifications will be sent to employees and their supervisors after 7 days and Non-Compliance email notifications after 14 days following a missed test or off campus test result upload. 

   COVID Monitoring – MyPack Portal

Supervisors will be able to monitor their employees’ compliance statuses in MyPack Portal.  Surveillance testing and training completion information will exist on one tab, with new information populated as of January 22, 2021.  

  • Employees who were in Group 1 who are required to complete surveillance testing will now appear in the Surveillance Group under “Group Designation”.  
    • The date individuals were assigned to Group 1 and Surveillance will be listed under their group designation in MyPack Portal.
    • Testing compliance is based on the date of a test and calculates forward 7 days and 14 days respectively for non-compliance purposes.  At 7 days, the status will display Overdue.  At 14 days, the status will display Non-Compliant.
  • Return to campus  (Group 1) status information will remain for all individuals who did not transition to the Surveillance Group.
  • Return to campus training status will continue to be displayed for all individuals.

For more information on accessing your direct line reports, please review this supervisor guidance that will be updated continually with new process information as available.

For more information on HR reports in MyPack Portal, contact your department HR lead for query assistance.