Special Circumstance Review (COVID-19)

While the university is implementing safety practices and guidance for reactivating campus, special circumstances related to students, employees/employment, disability accommodations, and safety may arise that require additional review and guidance:

  • Workplace Safety reasons related to COVID-19: use of face coverings, cleaning practices, modifications to workspace, vehicle use
  • Student/Employee/Employment reasons related to COVID-19: remote work, childcare, eldercare, increased risk for severe illness from COVID-19, in quarantine, ADA eligibility and accommodations

To submit your consideration request, visit this special circumstances request submission portal

Representatives from Environmental Health and Public Safety, University Human Resource, Disability Resource Office, and the Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity can review and assist with resolving individual requests.  Upon completion of the form, the information will be routed to the appropriate reviewers. You will receive an email with your submission. Generally, you will receive follow-up from reviewers within five business days of your request. 

Should you have general questions or inquiries regarding the submission process, please contact: 
University Human Resources at 919-515-2135
Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity at 919-515-3148
Disability Resource Office at 919-515-7653
Environmental Health and Public Safety at 919-515-7915