Spring 2021 Pack Planning, Surveillance Testing and Vaccine

Spring Workforce and Operations Plans

In preparation for return to campus operations in January 2021, units and colleges updated their Pack Ready Plans with service and workforce plans (see this Campus Memo dated November 24, 2020). This plan review prepared for campus opening, to facilitate timely business processes, student support and overall university mission. 

Access the Spring 2021 Pack Ready Refresh Plan template in Google Sheets. For more information, review the Frequently Asked Questions that have been received.

These templates will continue to be the master source of planning information as we move into surveillance testing programs. The original collaborative approach of preparing this data should continue in your unit or college.  Please engage unit and college leadership, HR Leads or other appropriate personnel during revisions.

Transition to Spring Surveillance Testing

Weekly Required Surveillance Testing - general

Campus testing is available for everyone who is interested in being tested.  Testing is one way to help keep community transmission down for campus.  Select employees and students were identified for required weekly surveillance testing, based on their work roles and responsibilities. Identified individuals will receive weekly communications of testing, be tracked for compliance in MyPack Portal and subject to disciplinary action for non-compliance. 

For more information on accessing your direct line reports, please review this supervisor guidance (to be updated continually with new process information as rolled out).

Updating Pack Plans for Surveillance Testing

Based on information provided by colleges and units in the Spring Workforce and Operations Plans, individuals have been identified for weekly required surveillance testing.  This initial identification is based on return to campus group one designations, individual unit operational updates and special circumstance reviews.  An individual’s surveillance designation may be changed by units or colleges, based on assessment of employees and students in your units and updates in your plan document.  

Each unit or college should continue to update their Spring 2021 Pack Ready Refresh Plan template, to reflect unit operations and staffing plans that impact surveillance testing.  This template will remain the master data source for your unit or college updates and changes will be updated in MyPack Portal on a weekly basis.

Using information in the Spring 2021 Pack Ready Plans, individuals identified for surveillance testing will be denoted by “Surveillance” in MyPack Portal (or Group S if you note an abbreviation anywhere).  This designation means the individual is required to test weekly or request an exemption to testing.  For complete guidance on updating employees for surveillance testing, review this process document

Getting Vaccinated Now

Vaccination Planning 

Vaccines are highly encouraged for all eligible members of the NC State community but are not required.

Based on the employee designations in Group 1 within the college and unit Spring 2021 Pack Ready Refresh Plans and in accordance with state guidelines, Student Health Services will use a tiering system to group eligible employees for receiving COVID-19 vaccinations on campus.  The top priority group for vaccination will comprise faculty, student workers (including GAs, RAs and TAs) and staff over the age of 65, people with medical conditions that are associated with high risk for COVID-19, and employees who are designated in group 1 within college and unit Spring Pack Ready Plans (people working on campus with face-to-face interaction as required by their roles in education, the workplace or research).  All other essential personnel will then be vaccinated in the next tier.   

Pre-registration is required for those who want to get vaccinated.  All faculty, staff and students who want to be vaccinated at NC State can pre-register beginning the week of March 8.  More information about how to pre-register will be emailed to the Wolfpack community.

NC State Student Health Services (SHS) expects to begin distributing vaccines the week of March 22 at Talley Student Union based on vaccine availability.  Vaccinations will be available by appointment, Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.  SHS  plans to provide approximately 300 vaccinations daily, depending on our allocation from NCDHHS.  *Please note - Individuals will not be able to select which vaccine will be administered.  Vaccines will be given based on availability at the time of individual scheduled appointments.

Scheduling vaccine appointments - Expect an email with more information about how to sign up for appointments at NC State and more details about on-campus vaccine availability soon. For the most up-to-date information on NC State’s vaccination plan, please visit the Protect the Pack website. If you have any questions about your eligibility or how to get a vaccine on campus or elsewhere, please call 919-515-6850.

Surveillance testing after vaccination - All employees in Group 1 (Group S in MyPack Portal) within college and unit  Spring 2021 Pack Ready Refresh Plans are required to continue participating in surveillance testing even after getting fully vaccinated. 

COVID-19 vaccination records DO NOT have to be provided to the university.