Summer Workforce and Operations Planning

Summer 2021 Workforce and Operations Plans

NC State is planning for a normal fall semester and we are excited to bring more staff, faculty and students back (see this Campus Memo dated April 22, 2021). This iteration of Pack Ready Plan review will prepare units and colleges with measured staff return planning, workplace readiness and restoration of operations. Information collected in this revision will be used from April 2021 to August 2021.

For this next planning stage, units and colleges will continue to use the existing Pack Ready Planning template and new tabs titled Summer Staffing Plan. The original collaborative approach of preparing this data should continue in your unit or college and engage unit and college leadership, HR Leads or other appropriate personnel during revisions.  Should you need assistance locating your unit or college’s template, please contact EMMC.

For detailed information and template specifics related to updating your unit or college Summer 2021 Pack Ready Refresh Plan, please read this resource.  

For answers to frequently asked questions, please read this resource.  

To view the campus partner webinar on preparing for return to onsite work, please view this resource (Zoom recording Access Password: yAk6&T*T).

Staffing and Schedules for Space Planning

As unit and college Pack Ready Plan worksheets are revised for summer and fall, consider hybrid/flexible work schedules, tiered staffing models, physical work in office and the prioritization of work activities and services required for effective campus operations. The goal is to start returning to in-person work as soon as possible while maintaining health and safety considerations.  For many units and colleges, using a phased approach in returning staff and faculty to on-site work will assist with this return to campus effort, as employees adjust to on-site work conditions and expectations.  Examples include adding staff in a measured and phased approach, and diagraming floor plans with schedules to ensure proper distancing and occupancy for your area.  Below is an example of what may be used for staff and space planning.

University Human Resources has provided Flexible Work Arrangements Interim Provisions and the Operational Guide for Managers & Supervisors for Interim Flexible Work Arrangements.

Surveillance Testing

The university will continue surveillance testing through summer and fall.  More information about adjustments to the testing program will be shared once finalized. For current program information, please visit the Protect the Pack website

  • For those who currently participate in required testing and have no change in their on-site work schedule, the assigned testing day does not change and weekly testing continues. 
  • For those returning to on-site work in the coming weeks and who are asked to participate in weekly surveillance testing, please know that surveillance testing for this group will begin the week of June 1.  As a reminder, surveillance testing for NC State employees is available on campus and is free. More information on surveillance testing enrollment/removal is provided below.

On-campus, free testing is available for every NC State employee and student who is interested in being tested. Select employees and students participate in required weekly surveillance testing, based on their in-person, on-campus work roles and responsibilities. These individuals receive weekly communications and reminders for testing, are tracked for compliance in MyPack Portal and subject to disciplinary action for non-compliance.

For more information on accessing surveillance testing protocol for your direct line reports, please review this supervisor guidance . For more information on HR reports in MyPack Portal, contact your department HR lead for query assistance.

Vaccine Programming

Vaccines are highly encouraged for all members of the NC State community but are not required.

NC State will continue to offer vaccines over the coming months;  COVID-19 vaccines are not a requirement of returning to campus.  As part of planning, individuals may voluntarily upload vaccination records.  You are encouraged to consider submitting proof of vaccination to the HealthyPack Portal- Submitting Proof of COVID-19 Vaccinations via the HealthyPack Portal | Health Services

  • This information  helps understand how many people are fully vaccinated on campus as a whole.
  • The data helps Student Health Service provide guidance if you are subsequently exposed.

All faculty, staff and students who want to be vaccinated at NC State can register online at While we encourage every member of the NC State community to be vaccinated, we respect an individual’s right to choose not to do so. However, not receiving the vaccination will not exempt employees from the expectation of returning to work on-site.