Update on faculty/staff return to campus (4/22/2021)

April 22, 2021


NC State faculty and staff,

As NC State continues working toward normal operations for the fall semester, please see important information below to assist in planning for a safe, efficient and effective return to on-site work locations and responsibilities. Please note that NC State will continue to monitor public health guidance and may update plans based on changes in pandemic conditions, or directions and guidance from the state of North Carolina or the UNC System.

Transition to Fall

Many in our community are already working and learning on-site, and over the next several months we will strive to bring staff, faculty and students back to pre-pandemic status in a safe and measured way. To be successful, we need your continued partnership.

Faculty and staff are expected to prepare for the following:

  • Pre-pandemic modes of course delivery in the fall.
  • All university offices, locations and services open during normal business hours and staffed to ensure the availability of in-person services in accordance with public health guidance.

Important Dates and Next Steps

By July 6, all university offices are expected to be physically staffed and providing on-campus services 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday – Friday, or during otherwise officially stated standard business hours.

  • University staff members should plan to return to on-site operations to the greatest extent possible, in accordance with public health guidance, by July 6.
  • For the time being, full-time remote work may be temporarily available on a limited basis for accommodations or out-of-state remote work exceptions that have been preapproved by University Human Resources.
  • Flexible work options, such as hybrid schedules that include a combination of on-site and remote work, may be available depending upon the nature of the position and work performed, at the discretion of unit supervisors and as long as the university’s operational needs can be met.
  • The university will plan for remote work to be an option for some designated positions once more permanent flexible work arrangements are implemented in 2022. This will include an assessment of positions that could be considered for fully remote work, depending upon the nature of the position and work performed, at the discretion of the unit dean or vice chancellor and as long as the university’s operational needs can be met.

To help units effectively plan for the return of employees and students to campus, workplace readiness and the restoration of operations, Emergency Management and Mission Continuity (EMMC) will continue the Pack Planning process. Within the next few days, EMMC will begin providing updated planning guidance on a phased return to campus. University Human Resources will also provide information about interim provisions for flexible work arrangements.

In preparing plans:

  • Supervisors should determine on-site schedules and any appropriate flexible work opportunities with the approval of their dean or vice chancellor. Schedules and staffing plans developed and approved as part of EMMC’s Pack Planning process will be used.
  • Supervisors should communicate their departmental plans to employees, once approved, no later than June 1.

Faculty are expected to return to in-person work per the normal fall schedule (based on nine- or 12-month appointments) and to teaching, research and scholarly responsibilities.

  • Ahead of the fall semester, classrooms, teaching laboratories and office spaces will be reviewed for health and safety protocols and cleaned by Facilities Operations.
  • We expect some safety measures will continue in the fall, including appropriate physical distancing and face coverings in classrooms. On-campus surveillance testing is also expected to continue. Updates will be provided as we get closer to the fall term.

Campus Operations COVID-19 Review

Campus operations subject to special COVID-19 exception review and approvals continue for the spring. This includes travel exceptions, special event reviews and surveillance testing exemption requests. These processes will be revised and new programming expectations will be provided in accordance with state guidance and pandemic conditions, and the university community will be updated on any changes.

Keep the Pack on Track

Overall pandemic trends are moving in the right direction, but we’re not at the finish line yet. It is important that we all continue to wear face coverings, maintain physical distance and practice good hygiene to keep our Pack on track to a healthy and productive fall semester.

Thank you for all you do to protect the Pack and make NC State such an extraordinary place to work, learn and live.