Working@NC State during COVID-19

As NC State operations related to COVID-19 continue to evolve, consult the individual links below for the current information.

COVID-19 Vaccine Information and FAQs (updated July 14, 2021). NC State is offering free vaccinations in Student Health over the summer.  Individuals 12 years of age and up are eligible for vaccination on campus.  Vaccinations are available by appointment. Call the COVID Vaccine Resource line at 919-515-6850 for assistance.  Student Health has vaccine record upload functionality in HealthyPack Portal – here is the program webpage and the upload instructions;

Special Circumstances Request Process and Form –  To request exemption from select community standard requirements, use this form to submit a request.

Summer programming information – Summer programming guidelines are available for program sponsors.  Please register Summer 2021 Campus Activities and Youth Programming for additional information and COVID safety plans are required 1-2 weeks prior to program start (submission form).

General Campus Planning, Return to In person work, Testing and Vaccine FAQs available here (July 14, 2021).

Surveillance Testing 

Vaccinated individuals can be removed from required weekly surveillance testing upon verification of records.  Uploaded records are processed and individuals assigned to testing via Pack Plans will be notified of the exemption on Fridays.  Confirmation emails go directly to individuals only.  For individuals traveling, testing requirements may be removed with verification of vaccine also.  Individuals who submit a travel authorization are required to be tested prior to and following all out of state/international travel.

Testing exception – Use this form to submit a request.

Addressing COVID-19 in your campus setting (updated May 2021) – Guidance on what to do in when a symptomatic, presumed positive or positive case is identified in your campus location.

COVID-19 Self Reporting form – Available for faculty, staff disclosure of a positive COVID-19 test result. This information is completely voluntary and confidential – it helps university healthcare professionals monitor the impact to the campus community and provide any resources and support you might need wherever you are. (Student form is separate and available on Student Health Services website).

Operations and Logistics Information

Guidelines for Space and Occupancy – (updated June 2021) University and community expectations for campus spaces.

Workplace and Space Layouts – Examples of appropriate spacing in office settings.

Travel Exceptions- Travel restrictions are lifted for domestic travel (June 10 update).  Use this form to request an exception for international travel destinations.

Vehicle Use Protocol and Recommendations – Use of unit/department vehicles as well as large capacity vehicles.

Sanitizer Request form – Hand sanitizer is available in 1-gallon containers with a pump for departments.

Face Covering Replacements and Face Shields Request Form – For information on proper wear and care of face coverings, visit this resource.

NC State Policies, Rules and Regulations

RUL 04.21.01 – Personal Safety Requirements Related to COVID-19

Related Policies
POL 04.20.07 – Occupational Health and Safety Policy
POL 11.35.01 – Code of Student Conduct
REG 11.35.02 – Student Discipline Procedures
RUL 11.31.01 – University Housing Disciplinary Procedures
NC State Community Standards 

Operation Updates

Emergency Management and Mission Continuity – The COVID-19 Operations Line (919-513-3358) offers 24/7 anonymous reporting of COVID-19 related concerns. It is NOT intended for reporting emergencies that should be directed to emergency services (911 or 919-515-3333).

Click here to view the Message Log and Resource Information for the COVID-19 Operations Line. (Of note, no direct or individual replies to phone messages will be made.)