About Us

Collaborative planning and communications with campus partners increases campus resources and awareness.  Planning partners include Division of Academic and Student Affairs, University Communications, Office of the Provost, Office of General Council, Office of Finance and Administration, Office of Research, Innovation and Economic Development and many more.

For emergency communications, our collaborative outreach partners include University Police, Transportation, Facilities Operations, Parent and Family Services, Campus Enterprises, Campus Health Services, Division of Student and Academic Affairs, Environmental Health and more.

Emergency communication is essential for campus stakeholders to act in a safe but timely manner. WolfAlert communications offer a wide variety of ways to receive timely information.  Read more

Emergency Management and Mission Continuity is instrumental in emergency preparedness efforts for campus.  As part of the larger mission of Environmental Health and Public Safety, EMMC continually works to improve campus planning and recovery actions for unplanned emergencies.  Read more ….