The mission of the Department of Emergency Management and Mission Continuity is to lead and facilitate effective campus disaster preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery activities, to minimize the impacts of emergencies on the NC State community, facilities, and environment.

EMMC mission is defined by:

Strengthening campus preparedness to planned and unplanned events by integrating all hazards planning into daily campus operations

Improving on campus response capabilities to planned and unplanned events by coordinating information sharing across departments and divisions

Ensuring the University can resume operations following an event

Enhancing stakeholder involvement through emergency planning committees

Integrating instructional and research continuity into existing business continuity framework; creation of mission continuity plans tailored for critical functions identified at the division or departmental level

The values of the Emergency Management and Mission Continuity department are Adaptable, Collaborative, Innovative, Participatory and Risk-Focused.

Adapt – Embrace the diversity of our campus and respond to the ever-evolving campus environment

Collaborate – Create and sustain broad and synergistic partnerships among individuals and organizations that build a team atmosphere and facilitate communication

Innovate – Embrace partnerships and anticipate preparedness needs of a dynamic campus community

Participate – Seek to be cutting edge and responsive in our community, embracing policy, foundations, education and outreach

Risk-Focus – Hone programs with sound risk management practices, rigor, data, analysis and continuous improvement.