Pack Planning


Do you have a personal emergency plan? Consider where you would go if an emergency strikes your home?  A personal emergency plan should have alternate locations in case your home is impacted, emergency phone numbers (cause cell phone batteries will go dead without power to charge), and emergency medical information should you need assistance.

On campus, NC State relies on a variety of plans to support emergency preparedness and operations. EMMC uses an ‘all hazards’ approach to emergency planning which allows for the management of a variety of situations regardless of the cause.

With the help of EMMC, departments develop specific plans for their operations and personnel, and review these plans annually.


Unplanned events are exactly that – unplanned and often unexpected!  We recommend being ready to move quick with an emergency kit (bag) and have the following supplies readily available in residence halls, apartments, homes and offices for the first 24 hours of an event or until normal conditions return:


Different events take different actions; be prepared to act when information is available.  WolfAlert emergency communication tools are available for campus communications – for the complete overview, visit the university WolfAlert resource.

For more information on individual unit and college Pack Ready Plans, visit this resource.