Final Month: First Round of Pack Plan Complete in One Year!

And that’s a wrap! You’ve built the first round of your Pack Plan in one year!!! If you really think about all the information you collected, compiled and organized into six chapters – it is monster size!
What’s next you ask? Let’s review your plan and see what signatures are needed or training can be scheduled to extend the information reach. The goal is to use the information in training and activities, not let it collect virtual dust in Google Shared Drives! EMMC will meet with you and your planning team to add final details, but no plan is truly ever finished. We add more information or update existing all the time so the plan is current for everyone in your unit! That is because things (operations, people) change–we adjust for new duties, we reflect on what was written before and make changes, we find issues with the plan, and we test the plan and identify changes.

Does the plan meet the requirements of Emergency Planning at NC State?

This is essential–the last thing you want is to go through all the work of building a plan just to be told it isn’t done and won’t count. This compliance check will look at four key elements/sections:

1. Are critical functions listed and a level of criticality assigned to each? (In your plan in Chapter 5)

2. Have you identified an alternate facility at which you will resume operations if your normal building is unavailable? (In your plan in Chapter 4)

3. Have you identified staffing requirements for critical functions that can account for a 25% reduction in staffing? (In your plan in Chapters 3, 4, 5)
4. Has everyone on your team received personal preparedness training?

(Upload a training log to your plan in Chapter 6 – Training)   

Final Step:

The last step is to route the plan for signing – this goes to your department head or dean, depending on your unit’s leadership!  

What’s next for Pack Planning?

We are excited to announce the 2019-2020 Year of Partnerships!

How EMMC can help!

EMMC’s job is to support planning for NC State and you!  We can support your teams with facilitated discussions, presentations, templates, resources and reviews….we just can’t write your plan for you!
Pick a planner and we will be glad to help you get started and continue planning. Remember that we are always happy to help with the entire plan process if your preference is to set up a time to tackle the whole plan as these are required for campus and should be continually reviewed!
Call us – 919-515-9657 or email any of our team for assistance! 
Stay Pack Ready!

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