Light up that Pumpkin – Fire Safety

October 7 - 13 was National Fire Prevention week. Now, it's Pumpkin Time!


This years’ theme is “Look, Listen, Learn.” Here at the EMMC we figured this was the perfect time to share a few themed tips to help stay safe.

  • ┬áCheck your dorm for any potential fire hazards. If you’ve got ceiling decorations look and make sure they don’t block the sprinklers in your dorm.
  • Do you have a coffee maker or microwave? Look to see if its plugged directly into a wall outlet instead of an extension cord.
  • Learn your dorm floor plan for alternate escape routes in the event that the route used for drills is blocked off.
  • Learn the location of the closest fire alarm in your dorm.
  • Listen for others in need of assistance. Try to help without endangering yourself or remember their location so you can tell first responders when they arrive.
  • In the even of a fire, call campus police at
    • 911 from a campus phone
    • Active any emergency blue light phone
    • 919-515-3000 from you cell phone