Hurricane Dorian – Preparedness

NC State Officials are working with the National Weather Service to closely monitor Hurricane Dorian. Based on current projections, normal operations are anticipated for this week. Updated information will be provided as necessary.

Based on the latest National Weather Service forecast:

  • Wake Co is now in a tropical storm warning
  • Timing – Midday Thursday through Friday afternoon
  • Wind gusts of 40 mph
  • 2-4 inches of rain (closer to 2 is expected)
  • Raleigh and areas east of Raleigh may experience power outages

* Current models show that Raleigh is within an area that could experience more wind and rain or very few impacts from the storm.

Be PACK Ready!

Preparedness Checklist: Start today. Prepare for at least 72 hours of self sustainability. 

  1. Make a Plan
  2. Pack a Bag
  3. Be ready to take Action

Visit for checklists and supply lists. 

*Emergency Management & Mission Continuity will post updates regularly as conditions change.