Month Nine: Program Plans and Vital Records

Program Plans and Vital Records

Even in the height of electronic communications, not all program files are electronic these days and some are very important in their hard copy format. Consideration is what to do with these files in the event of major distribution (not thinking fire and total loss) that limits access – what will you do?

Update Chapter Five of your Pack Ready plan

Action Item 1:

Consider options for a duplicate copy to live – that could be virtual, duplicate hard copy or even on a thumb drive. Any of these options would give you a copy that could be stored in a different physical location and accessible in a time of need. If the information needs securing or protecting, think about physical locations that will meet this requirement or the password security for electronic back up files. Refer to Storage Locations for University Data to ensure your department uses the appropriate storage locations for university data based on data-sensitivity level. You can also consider vendor and contract options that offer repository options off site, but cost and access are considerations not to be taken lightly.

Action Item 2: 

Last, consider records already in archive or long term storage – are these still there and do you need to access them in an emergency situation? If either answer is yes, know that university Purchasing and Materials Management Warehouse Services , the official storage location for NC State, has a Pack Ready Plan! But, have you considered what your unit would do if the plans there were no longer accessible? Write down what the files are, where they are stored, who your contacts are both in your office and Materials Management. This will make long term continuity easier!

Program Planning and Succession

Implementing the plan might be a challenge if you don’t know who is in charge and making the bigger picture decisions. Succession planning ensures from the director down, who can lead and when it’s appropriate. This succession planning should be three levels deep when possible, allowing for change in staffing and addressing a continuity in leadership. 


Update Chapter Four of your Pack Ready Plan

Action Item 1:List who is in your chain of succession. Have your director decide who the number one, two, and three successors will be.

Action Item 2:Enter the information for each successor so the contact information is readily available.

Action Item 3: Now we can create the formal delegations of authority. This is the place for the director to sign off on what duties their successors can take on, and which they will not have. Think about HR actions, purchases, contract management – what services does this acting director needs to have the authority to use. This can be included in your Pack Ready Plan and easily accessible for those in need to know positions!

Action Item 4: Lastly, we recommend having a quick communication option for leadership – do you have a group text message option set up? Consider group texts (SMS, MMS) or the use of group communication apps like Slack, GroupMe AppWhat’sApp, Zoom and others. Set this up ahead of time and routinely try it out – Wish your co-workers a Good Morning or Happy Friday from time to time!

NC State Transportation Update – Please Read!

Dunn Avenue Road Closure – 5/20 – 6/20
Road construction beginning Monday, May 20 will require a vehicular traffic road closure along Dunn Ave, daily from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. Work is expected to be completed on or before June 20.

Signage will be in place to direct motorists to Western Blvd, Morrill Drive, and Cates Ave to access the Coliseum parking deck area.

Parking permit holders who normally park in the Jeter Bay surface lots may use the upper levels of the Coliseum Parking Deck as an alternative option. Transportation is operating under “modified enforcement” allowing employee permit holders the ability to park in any student parking area and student permit holders the ability to park in any student parking area, however, not employee areas.

Wolfline buses will be allowed access during the project but may experience delays. Check Transloc for real-time bus locations and updates.

Please see the attached map with details on the location of the closure. Questions about this project should be directed to Jeff Elliott

How EMMC can help!

EMMC’s job is to support planning for NC State and you!  We can support your teams with facilitated discussions, presentations, templates, resources and reviews….we just can’t write your plan for you! Pick a planner and we will be glad to help you get started and continue planning. Remember that we are always happy to help with the entire plan process if your preference is to set up time to tackle the whole plan as these are required for campus and should be continually reviewed! Call us – 919-515-9657 or email any of our team for assistance! 

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