NC State Recovery Information

Welcome Back!

While campus operated in reduced service capacity during Hurricane Florence, the power blinked, it rained several inches and the wind whistled! You may have returned to work to find things not so top shape, here are resources to contact to get back up to full service and operations.

Water Issues

If you notice standing water, wet ceiling tiles or any other wet areas, contact the Facilities Work Center for assistance, 919-515-2991.

Laboratory Resources

Take a minute to check your samples in refrigerators or freezers that may have lost power.  Then, check equipment for proper function and reboot as necessary.

Contact Environmental Health and Safety for biosafety, radiation safety, laboratory safety and waste assistance – 919-515-7915 or

Indoor Air Quality Questions

In the event of major flooding or water damage, contact the Facilities Operations Zone supervisor as soon as possible for water extraction and drying of building materials.  See link for flood safety: Flooded Area Safety and Sanitation.  

Flood Response

When flooding of an area has occurred, either from internal sources, heavy rains or sewer backup, important steps must be taken to assure the health and safety of individuals involved. Visit Flood Response Guidance for detailed information

Mold and Biologicals:

See the Environmental Health and Safety Mold Remediation Guidelines for more information.   Contact the Indoor Air Quality Program Manager at 919-513-0647 or email the Occupational Health Manager.

Didn’t find what you need here? ASK EHS via email!