Resolve to Be Ready

Even though we are well into the new year, it is always important to follow through on those resolutions you made in January. Hopefully one of those resolutions was to Be Ready. Whether that means to be prepared for severe weather or other emergencies. 

Emergency Preparedness Tips

What are some ways that you can be prepared in case of an emergency? There are life skills that you should prepare now to learn how. These skills might include taking a CPR class, making an emergency preparedness plan with family and friends, and ensuring that you are informed about changes in weather and other things that could affect you. 

  1. Make a Plan- Have a personal plan in place, select a meeting place for friends and family. A personal emergency plan will have alternate locations in case your home/work is impacted, emergency phone numbers, and emergency medical information should you need assistance.
  2. Pack a Bag- Unplanned events are unplanned and unexpected. We recommend that you move quickly with an emergency kit (bag) and have the supplies listed below  for the first 24 hours of an event or until normal conditions return:

-At least 1 gallon of drinking water

-Blankets or sleeping bag

-Non-perishable food and can opener

-Flashlight with batteries

-First aid kit

-Prescription medications and eyeglasses

-Food for pets

      3. Take Action- Different events require different courses of action, be ready to go in a moment’s notice.