Active Shooter Preparedness

Our thoughts remain with UNC Charlotte in light of yesterday’s events.  This unfortunate situation reminds us to be ever vigilant and prepared.  Thank you for being our partners in emergency planning at NC State.  The Emergency Management and Mission Continuity Pack Plans remain a source of information and resources for your teammates, office and department. We encourage you to review your plan, talk to co-workers and refresh preparedness activities for all.

Pack Plans contain different Emergency Planning Guide Action Sheets ready for your review and use.  These action guides give basic information and action in the event of different emergency situations.  

WolfAlert Emergency Procedure Posters are available for customization and printing (download the PDF and insert information specific to your department).  These postings should be conspicuously posted in high traffic areas.  

Emergency Procedure Flip Charts are available for printing/posting.  To request more hardcopies for your office or work areas, please email 

Emergency Preparedness information is available on the Emergency Management and Mission Continuity website. Chat with co-workers – the idea is BePACKReady!

University Police offers Active Shooter Survival Training, among other courses and outreach opportunities with your department.  For consultation or assistance, contact the Crime Prevention Team by email or phone – 919-515-5963.

For emergency assistance, dial 911 or 919.515.3000 to reach University Police.
For training on emergency preparedness or consultation on Pack Planning, dial 919.515.9657 to reach Emergency Management and Mission Continuity.