Don’t be worried about Winter Weather!

A short preview of spring and now back to Winter Weather. Be sure to take the proper precautions and prepare yourself for the cold and potential ice.

Dress in Layers

Check the weather before you leave the house. NC State has set up the NC Weather Stem page to Think about these three different layers:

  1. Base Layer- Wicks sweat off of your skin
  2. Middle Layer- Retains body heat to protect you from the cold.
  3. Outer Layer- Shields you from wind and rain

Remember you can always peel layers off but can’t make a coat appear out of thin air. Prepare yourself by packing/bringing all layers, even if you don’t think you’ll need them.

Work from Home- Safety

In the case of a little winter weather, work with your boss or employees to ensure that everyone’s safety is your number one priority. If you work for the university, check your mandatory or non-mandatory employment status. Also, discuss with your workers your expectations but also address their concerns and ensure that they have a plan in the case of an emergency.

Review your communication plan for work. How will you get in touch with others if you are working from home? Do you have stable internet and phone service to ensure success at work? Revisit your communication plan and check your internet and phone capabilities.

Ice Safety- Driving and Walking

Stay Alert, Slow Down, and Stay in control. Stay Home and only go out if necessary. If you must, make sure that you drive slowly. Additionally, increase your following distance by five to six seconds. With low temperatures upon us, prepare yourself by carrying an ice scraper in your car or even de-icer for your windshield.