Month Five- What’s Your Game Plan?

Strengthening Pack Preparedness, One Partnership at a Time

 Emergency Management and Mission Continuity welcomes you to the 2019 – 2020 Year of Partnerships!

Our Partnership

Emergency Management and Mission Continuity + NC State Athletics + Student Wolfpack Club

The Year of Partnerships is meant to bring together a campus unit, a student organization, and Emergency Management & Mission Continuity.  What exactly is the Year of Partnership? Emergency Management and Mission Continuity works with units across all parts of campus (and beyond to counties, research stations and more).  We hear ideas on topics that interest you – the planners and coordinators at the unit level. We invite our campus partners to share our monthly messaging to different audiences in order to get the word out about programs and shared resources that benefits everyone!


Be Pack Ready. Every day is game day!

  • Plan the tailgate
  • Pack the cooler
  • Check the Weather
  • Be Game Day Ready

Don’t Get Stuck Out in the Rain!

  • Come prepared. Grab a hat and your sunglasses!
  • Check the forecast and radar before a game. NC State  has a number of resources for weather:
  • Consider a coat for cold weather, an umbrella for the rain, and wear appropriate shoes
  • Sign-up for game day text messages by texting GOPACK to 67283

Securing the Student Section

  • During the game, make sure to always carry your personal belongings with you at all times.
    • It is important to keep your phone, Student ID, and keys on your person even while cheering on the Wolfpack!
    • Don’t be that person that loses their keys at a sporting event and can’t get home, be prepared and keep your belongings close.
  • Dress warmly for cold weather and be prepared for rain on the forecast
  • You can line up 60 minutes before for any non-ACC game and 90 minutes before for any ACC game

Game Day Guide

  • Expect big attendance for Wolfpack Sports! 
  • Note the nearest exits and plan an evacuation route in case of an emergency! Note proper game day bag procedures for some locations.
    • Ensure that you save enough time and be cautious of traffic  while heading to the arena or stadium
    • Allow for time to park and walk into the event
    • Clear bags or small bags (No larger than 4.5” x 6.5”) are allowed into the games. 
  • Have your ticket ready to go and download it on your phone and add it to your Apple or Google Wallet
  • Follow @packguestservices for any needs at the stadium or arena
  • Be kind and courteous to the venue employees to ensure a smooth entry process

Take Away Tips

  • Check the Weather!
    • Check the radar and forecast before the game to make sure you  are wearing appropriate clothing
  • Keep your personal belongings!
    • If you bring keys, a phone, and your student ID make sure you   have it on your person at all times
    • If you lose your ID you may not be able to get back in the student  section to cheer on the Pack
  • Take note of the exits, save time for traffic, and follow game day bag procedures!
    • Don’t show up to the game late with items that aren’t allowed
    • Use the proper bag size or a clear bag
    • Know where your parking spot is before you arrive
  • Use the OnCampus App!
    • Download the OnCampus App to receive Wolf Alerts via app   notifications
    • The app will also give you updates on game times or cancelation
    • Use this app for your event attendees on campus to ensure they get Wolf Alert Updates as they come in.

How EMMC can help!

EMMC’s job is to support emergency planning, training and awareness for NC State and you!  We look forward to partnering with your teams through facilitated discussions, presentations and information and resource sharing.

Call us – 919-515-9657 or email any of our team for assistance!