Severe Weather Week

March 3-9 is Severe Weather Week, let’s take a look at some tips on how to be prepared.

*On the first Monday of every month, a test of the Wolf Alert system will occur at 12:15pm.* 

Watch vs. Warning

Watch –indicates a particular weather hazard is possible – remain alert for approaching storms

Warning –indicates a particular weather hazard is imminent or has been reported


  • Monitor weather status
  • Avoid being outdoors, especially near trees and water, during a lightning storm.
  • Seek shelter indoors, under shelter or in a hard-topped vehicle until the storm passes.


  • Monitor weather status.
  • If you are notified a tornado is approaching:
    • Move immediately to a pre-determined shelter location
    • Shelter information for University Housing residents.
    • Have a battery powered AM/FM radio or NOAA weather radio readily available
    • Remain there until the “all clear” has been officially given by WolfAlert, Police, or local media
    • If you are outside, seek shelter in a nearby building or find a ditch or depression in which you can protect yourself from debris
    • After a tornado, beware of broken glass, unstable structures and debris