Rain, Rain, Go Away heading 

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Plan ahead and prepare for the rainy, wet conditions! Drivers: Take your time and slow down to avoid hydroplaning. One of the most dangerous times to drive can be soon after it begins to rain. Hydroplaning occurs when a vehicle is traveling too fast in heavy rain conditions, causing the... Read More
Fight the Flu heading 

Fight the Flu

  February is one of the peak months of flu season. Protect the Pack and take three steps to fight the flu this season.  A yearly flu vaccine is the first and most important step of protecting against flu viruses. Flu vaccines are offered in many locations, including doctor’s offices,... Read More
Know your Campus Resources heading 

Know your Campus Resources

Below are a list of resources that are important in case of emergency situations. Contact these departments if you are in need of help of any kind. Get to know these resources so that you can plan ahead in case of an emergency.   Read More
On Campus App Feature heading 

On Campus App

  On Campus is now a part of the Wolf Alert System. Anyone who has has access to the app is capable of receiving WolfAlert notifications. Let the On Campus app be your guide to NC State. Simply download the app today to get started! Read More
NC State Needs You (Mandatory Personnel) heading 

NC State Needs You (Mandatory Personnel)

Time to revise Mandatory Personnel status for your staff and faculty! Human Resources recently announced the revision of the Reg 04.20.17 – Adverse Weather and Emergency Conditions PRR and now – we need your help updating employee roles!  By February 19th, you are asked to revise the status via a... Read More
WOW! It’s Cold Outside! heading 

WOW! It’s Cold Outside!

A first in our generation – the Artic Vortex is pushing really cold into the US – even here!  Is your car ready for the cold? Does Fido have a blanket? Spigot ready? These things take a bit of time and effort to really be ready – GO NOW! Don’t... Read More