Winter Weather Preparedness heading 

Winter Weather Preparedness

As we slowly transition into winter and temperatures begin to drop we at EMMC thought we should share some winter weather safety tips. Start Preparing Now! Be ready for weather-related emergencies like power outages. Make sure you have non-perishable food that doesn’t require heating. Charge all necessary electronics. Purchase or... Read More
Cough, Cold and Flu Season – Protect Yourself! heading 

Cough, Cold and Flu Season – Protect Yourself!

The weather turns colder, everyone moves activities indoors and congregates together.  You share in fun activities, good food and germs… Cover your cough, sneeze into your elbow, wash your hands, get a flu shot!  How are you protecting yourself and the Pack this year?? The Centers for Disease Control have... Read More
Rideshare Safely! heading 

Rideshare Safely!

Personal safety is paramount with the Pack!  The convenience of ride sharing services is huge, but take caution and be aware.  The following is a great reminder list of items to check when using a ride share service. Rideshare Safety Tips Confirm the driver and car:  Before accepting a ride, confirm the driver... Read More
Suspicious Packages heading 

Suspicious Packages

Several suspicious package events have been in the news recently.  With the number of articles traveling in the mail, awareness is key to everyone’s safety.  It’s helpful to review Suspicious Package information to stay familiar – including how to recognize an unattended package (any package left in a common area... Read More
Protect your Accounts heading 

Protect your Accounts

National Cybersecurity Month is fully underway. Here are a few quick tips to keep yourself safe online: Software Update your software – Software updates can get annoying when they’re pushed daily but they’re often fully of necessary security updates designed to prevent hackers from reaching your data. Staying up-date with... Read More
The Prepared Pack heading 

The Prepared Pack

September is National Emergency Preparedness Month.  With Hurricane Florence, this has been a really productive month of testing preparedness and response. For more preparedness information, visit Read More
NC State Recovery Information heading 

NC State Recovery Information

Welcome Back! While campus operated in reduced service capacity during Hurricane Florence, the power blinked, it rained several inches and the wind whistled! You may have returned to work to find things not so top shape, here are resources to contact to get back up to full service and operations.... Read More
Post-Disaster Checklist heading 

Post-Disaster Checklist

CLEAN-UP TIME Having the correct post-disaster information, following local authorities’ safety procedures, and inspecting your home properly will mitigate the stress after the storm and prevent injuries or further damage. As you survey the inside and outside of your home, don’t forget to take photos and/or video of any and all storm damage.... Read More
Be PACK Ready! heading 

Be PACK Ready!

Pack a bag, make a plan and take action now! Emergencies do not wait for you – use this planning checklist to make sure you are ready for severe weather before it strikes!   Read More
Hurricane Florence & NC State heading 

Hurricane Florence & NC State

As North Carolina prepares for the potential impacts of Hurricane Florence, stay tuned to local weather for up to date coverage. To view the current hurricane briefing from the National Weather Service, please click this link: Read More