Gadgets and Gizmos Aplenty

Coming into the holiday season, we know that you are going to get all sorts of gadgets as presents or even to gift. Take precautions and set up security for yourself when you install these things in your home!

Utilize Alexa’s Safety Features

  1. Turn off voice input and use the remote instead! These devices capture every voice and sound in the room, so to prevent this tap the mic and mute your Alexa and then use the voice remote in your app to ask for something.
  2. Use pin protection or disable voice purchases. To prevent unwanted purchases on your Amazon Alexa, enable a pin code that will be required when you ask her to purchase something for you.
  3. Review and Delete your interactions with Alexa. Amazon automatically stores all of your Echo’s interactions to improve its performance and command accuracy. For extra privacy, regularly review and delete your communication with Alexa. Here’s how to do it: Delete specific voice recordings, or delete all of your voice recordings. Visit Amazon’s content and device management portal. Then click the ‘Your Devices’ tab. Next, select the corresponding button under ‘Actions’ for your Echo or other Alexa-enabled devices. Next, select ‘Manage voice recordings’ and click ‘Delete’. You may also contact Amazon’s customer service to delete all voice recordings.
  4. Disable your smartphone’s address book sharing feature.
  5. Read third-party terms and conditions.

For more information on how to protect yourself and your smart device, use this link!